Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New year

The Comforter’s Center-Uganda wishes to congratulate all its partners and friends for having successfully completed 2009. As we are beginning this New Year (2010), we would like to thank our dear Lord for protecting us throughout this festive season. We know a lot of things have happened during this festive season. Some people have died of accidents, some have fallen sick and others have faced different challenges but we glorify God for protecting us and bringing us back safely to our office.

We had closed the office for Christmas celebrations on 23rd Dec, 2009 but now that the festive season is over the center have resumed our work. 2009 has been a blessing not only to The Comforter’s Center but also to our clients as well. Since it has been a blessing to the comforter’s center, we do hope that it was a blessing to you all.

Last year we received a lot of visitors both from within and from abroad. They blessed us with items such as baby items like baby clothes, baby shawls, caps to mention but a few. These items that were donated to us were given as material assistance to our clients especially those with crisis pregnancies. In 2009, the center saved very many children from abortion. This is one of the reasons why we exist. Our mission as comforters’ center is to create an environment where every human heart is cherished and protected within strong families. So saving babies from abortion is one of the achievements we had in 2009.

As we begin this New Year, we promise our clients that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that children saved from abortion are protected. We will continue to pray to God to provide for them whatever they need in life. At The Comforter’s Center, we trust and believe that God can do anything in life and we do believe that God created those children for a purpose and He has a plan for them. We will continue to counsel women and to encourage them to move on with their lives. In addition to that, The Comforter’s Center has a project called “The move on sisters”. This project was established by the comforter’s center to help girls who drop out of schools due to crisis pregnancies and this project is here to help our clients to go back to school. We do believe that this project will help these young mothers to be able to take care of their children and live a better life in future. In addition to that it will help these young mothers realize their future goals and dreams.

The comforter’s center in this year i.e. 2010 would like to carry out reach out programs to various districts in Uganda. The center wishes to extend its ministry of protecting the lives of the voiceless unborn children throughout Uganda. The center believes that abortion should be an unthinkable and unnecessary act. The center wishes to educate the public that abortion is harmful emotionally, physically and spiritually to women, men and families, so that no one should think about it as the solution to unwanted pregnancy. In addition to that the center also will continue offering post-abortion counseling to ladies who have had abortions. The center will also continue to reach out to children in schools, in communities, and in churches to teach them about sexual purity or biblical sexuality. We have realized that most women who are faced with crisis pregnancies are school going girls and if they are not exposed to this kind of education then the number of unwanted pregnancies and the rate of acquiring STDs will increase among the young generation. The center also wishes to continue its mission of promoting natural family planning methods among married couples who are also experiencing unwanted pregnancies. This method will include the promotion of the bead cycle among Ugandan women. We do believe that this method will reduce the number of women who unwillingly become pregnant and plan abortion as the only alternative solution.

The center wishes to thank all those who stood with us financially, materially, spiritually and morally in 2009. Whatever you contributed to The Comforter’s Center is highly appreciated. We pray that God blesses you abundantly for supporting us and again we pray that you continue with the heart for the center.

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