Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In Uganda, there are few places where teenagers can informationIt is believed that, some young girls are reported to be sexually active by the age of 8 years. As a result of that, some girls are facing unplanned pregnancies, have at one time tried an abortion, and others are infected with sexually transmitted diseases (STDS) at an early age. The rate at which these young people are becoming sexually active is very alarming. These patterns of behaviour often compromise the once promising futures of a young person. In order to change this pattern of behaviour, intervention is required to give these young people skills on how to avoid these risky behaviours and protect their lives.

In order to achieve the above, the comforter’s center is opening up a teenage resource center to equip it with educational materials about sanctity of human life and messages concerning sexual abstinence, Sexually Transmitted diseases, and create a conducive environment where the youth can share ideas regarding life issues. In addition to that the proposed teenage resource center will educate the youth about abortion and its dangers, promote sexual purity and teach them about biblical sexuality.

This center will be located in Kampala where most children are being affected by the media and are at a high risk of being sexually at a tender age. Children have been exposed to pornography through watching televisions, reading magazines and even the internet. Teenagers in Kampala these days lack information or are shy to talk about sexual issues with their parents as they are busy most of the time. We believe that the teenage resource center will help the youth to expose their views with responsible peple and in the end it will help them make decisions, solve their sexual problems and enable them to make better decisions concerning their life

Friday, November 13, 2009

Protect the life of the next generation of people

A Great Need

Every year about 44 million women around the world struggle with the decisions surrounding an unexpected pregnancy. The pressure is not only internal -- outside circumstances often add confusion and pressure to the situation. Like this . For a woman in Africa ,there may be no pregnancy center for help in her country and the situation is

Some husband leave their wives to shoulder the situation alone.
Some boyfriends insist their girl friends gets an abortion or he will end their relationship.
Teenagers's parents have arranged for an abortion.
When women are confronted with the difficult circumstances of an unplanned pregnancy, they deserve to be offered not only practical help for now, but also bright hope for the future.
"in almost every case, a woman chooses abortion to accommodate the wishes of others who do not welcome her child."

The finality of an abortion decision and the pressures women experience in an unplanned pregnancy demonstrate The Comforter’s Center. Counseling has the greatest impact when a woman first discovers she is pregnant and faces her fear and confusion. It is at this time of crisis when a young girl or woman needs compassionate help from someone who really cares about both her and her baby.
The Comforter’s Center is a safe place for a woman to think through this life-changing event with someone who is not vested in her decision:

For those who see the pregnancy as a "crisis" where the only way out is abortion.
For those who are unsure about what to do and need counseling and information.
For those who have decided to carry to term and need resources and referrals.
For those who have had an abortion and need post-abortion counseling.
Our Plan
For a woman to make an informed decision about her unplanned pregnancy, it takes the support of a caring helper, information about the growth and development of a baby and the options available in the community. Many outside pressures can make it difficult for her to carefully contemplate the choices placed before her. Whatever decision she makes, her life is changed forever. Reaching out to women one-on-one and recognizing their emotional, spiritual and practical needs is the way in which The Comforter’s Center endeavors to help each woman make a decision from her heart.

The Comforter’s Center's programs and services are designed for crisis intervention to reach women at the most critical time, when the pregnancy is first discovered. Our vision is to provide a support so comprehensive and caring that no woman will choose abortion without being fully informed of her options.

The Comforter’s Center offer the following services: pregnancy testing, pregnancy consultation, ultrasound, short and long-term counseling, referrals for medical care and social services, support groups, client advocacy, parenting information, abstinence and post-abortion counseling.

The Comnforter’s Center is set apart because...

Our services are offered free of charge to anyone, regardless of race or creed, who suspects she may be pregnant, is experiencing an unintended pregnancy, or has chosen an abortion in the past.

Our concern is for the woman, the child, her partner and family.

Our counseling services are specifically designed for women struggling with external pressures due to an unexpected pregnancy.

Our locations offer convenient access to services.

Our volunteer staff is highly trained and works under the direction and supervision of professional counselors.

We desire to be an educational arm to schools, churches, and other community organizations by presenting lively and interactive abstinence-based sexuality training.
Long Term Goals
The following goals are the areas that we will remain focused on over the long term while implementing our current strategies:

Crisis Intervention - Our primary aim is to provide our clients with emotional, spiritual and physical support during their time of crisis. In this regard, we seek to reach more women by developing marketing plans that not only promote The Conforter’s Center but also appeal to a broader spectrum of prospective clients. The ways that we are pursuing this goal are as follows:

Our involvement in radio advertising.

Our involvement, a 24-hour toll-free helpline.

Our community relations plan to reach the medical community and social services sector and offer pregnancy consultation services to their clients.

Abstinence Education - 20 percent of our clients have negative pregnancy test results. We take this opportunity to share the sexual abstinence message with each client, as it is the first line of defense in avoiding unintended pregnancies as well as STDs/STIs. We also take this challenge to middle schools, high schools and youth groups.

Post-Abortion Counseling - Through individual counseling, group sessions and retreats, Alternatives provides a safe place where women and men who experience Post-Abortion Stress can grieve their losses and move forward in strength with their lives.

Expansion - We are pursuing opening additional offices in the Front-Range area. Strong population growth dictates the need for additional community services, including pregnancy care center services. As new communities expand, we want to be there.
ALTERNATIVES Mission Statement
Alternatives Pregnancy Center exists to care for Denver-area women and men in pregnancy-related crises and offer them a meaningful alternative to abortion. Following the example of Christian love, we seek to meet emotional, physical and spiritual needs, enabling and encouraging women to choose life everyday.

goal is to counsel and live the gospel in front of one woman at a time and to preserve the life of one baby at a time. We offer women alternatives to abortion by providing practical care for them and their families through comprehensive education, counseling, material goods, and referrals. In addition, Alternatives seeks to educate young people about sexual abstinence before marriage and to help women find healing and to grieve for their children lost through abortion.

The Comforter’s Center maintains its Christian witness in the secular world by upholding biblical standards of conduct in its ministry. We also desire to educate and involve the Christian business community and churches on the issue of abortion and its ramifications.

Our Funding
The Comfoter’s Center is governed by a local Board of Directors and relies on donations from the community to further its mission..
We receive our funding from gifts and grants from individuals, churches, foundations and corporations, and special events.
If you would like to partner with us and financially invest in the provision of options for women in Uganda please contact us at the phone number below

Contact person: Ms.Veronica Nakyewe
Function Executive Director
Post-mailing: P.O.Box 35623 Kampala
Telephone: +256312113635
Cell Phone: +256782102251
E-mail: ourcomforter@yahoo.com

Thursday, November 12, 2009

About The comforter's Center in Uganda

The purpose and the work of The Comforter’s Center is here summarized from the word “Comfort”


C: Christ-centered

The comforter’s center is a Christ centered ministry that is committed to the promotion and preservation of life. Jesus is the “way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6) and came that we might have abundant and meaningful life (John 10:10). Jesus never took a life but instead gave His Life for us. Jesus taught that the enemy is all about death and looks for every opportunity “to steal, kill, and to destroy”(john 10:10). His destructive agenda extends to the womb.

O: Obedient
The comforter’s center is obedient to the command of Christ. Jesus said, “As the Father has sent Me, I also send you” (John 20:21). The Father sent Jesus on a rescue mission to a dangerous place. We too must be wiling to rescue those in danger and in dangerous places including the womb.
Mother Teresa understood what it means to be on a rescue mission. She said, “Unborn children are among the poorest of the poor. They are so close to God. I see God in the eyes of every child-every unwanted child is welcomed by us …. You know, people worry all the time about innocent children being killed in wars, and they try to prevent this. But what hope is there in stopping it if mothers kill their own children? Every life is precious to God, whatever the circumstances.”

M. Mandate

The comforter’s center has a mandate to speak for those who have no voice. Proverbs 31:8 states, “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.” Children in the womb have no voice. They cannot speak up for themselves. They cannot say to an abortion-minded mother, “please let me live. Please do not harm me. Please do not allow me to be torn limb from limb.
God has always been concerned about the weak and vulnerable and at risk than any other members of society. If I am in danger, I can take steps to seek safety. I can move to a more secure home or neighborhood or community. However, if a child in the womb is in danger, it cannot move to a safer womb. We must therefore speak on behalf of the unborn.

F: Families:
The comforter’s center recognizes that families are important. Psalm 127:1 declares “unless the Lord builds the house, its builders’ labor in vain.” God loves the home so much that He is willing to roll up His Divine sleeves to help families build strong and safe and destroy the home. The comforter’s center helps families in crisis to seek God and to make choices that honor him.

O: Orientation
The comforter’s center offers orientation and guidance to those facing unplanned pregnancies. People in crisis can easily make wrong choices or turn in wrong directions. Young women with unplanned pregnancies are easily confused about what to do and where to turn. The comforter’s center exists to orient women towards life. When women come to the center, the staff embraces them with unconditional love and encouragement.
R: Rely
The comforter’s center relies on God to work through His people. Veronica and her staff cannot do their life-saving work alone. They need the cooperation and assistance of local Churches and individual Christians. We need resources to carry out rescue missions. We must hold the ropes for the comforter’s center even as those who helped Paul escape from Damascus held the ropes for him (See Acts 9:25)
T= Tell
The comforter’s center faithfully tells the story of God’s love to every person who walks through their doors. To date, more than 800 women and family members and friends of abortion-minded women have placed their faith in Christ because of the ministry of the comforter’s center. God is using The comforter’s center to help people find new life in Christ and babies in the womb to have an opportunity to live.

Contact us

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From The International Hospital Kampala In the corner with Red gate before Namuwongo stage
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P.O.BOX 35623 Kampala-Uganda
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