Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In Uganda, there are few places where teenagers can informationIt is believed that, some young girls are reported to be sexually active by the age of 8 years. As a result of that, some girls are facing unplanned pregnancies, have at one time tried an abortion, and others are infected with sexually transmitted diseases (STDS) at an early age. The rate at which these young people are becoming sexually active is very alarming. These patterns of behaviour often compromise the once promising futures of a young person. In order to change this pattern of behaviour, intervention is required to give these young people skills on how to avoid these risky behaviours and protect their lives.

In order to achieve the above, the comforter’s center is opening up a teenage resource center to equip it with educational materials about sanctity of human life and messages concerning sexual abstinence, Sexually Transmitted diseases, and create a conducive environment where the youth can share ideas regarding life issues. In addition to that the proposed teenage resource center will educate the youth about abortion and its dangers, promote sexual purity and teach them about biblical sexuality.

This center will be located in Kampala where most children are being affected by the media and are at a high risk of being sexually at a tender age. Children have been exposed to pornography through watching televisions, reading magazines and even the internet. Teenagers in Kampala these days lack information or are shy to talk about sexual issues with their parents as they are busy most of the time. We believe that the teenage resource center will help the youth to expose their views with responsible peple and in the end it will help them make decisions, solve their sexual problems and enable them to make better decisions concerning their life


  1. Hey Veronica! I've been thinking about you lately....well, ever since you left Panama City!
    I know God has even more special work for you! I love you and pray you are well.

  2. Thanks my dear Nancy,How are your sons?
    especially the one I am praying for?
    Any Improvement
    Love you, my sister and Mum