Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January is the sanctity of human life month

Everybody has a story. No matter our background, our culture, our financial position, our goals and dreams; inside each of us is an unwritten and often untold story. Over the last few years here at The Comforter’s Center, there have been & continue to be many stories, many accounts of lives saved and changed forever because of the Power of Jesus and His love for all life including life in the womb. Christians around the world share the horror at the pernicious cancer of abortion within their countries.
Strength comes in the knowledge that we are all members of one body; each of us is blessed with individual abilities to edify our sisters and brothers and to enlarge the Kingdom of God . Abortion has produced a vast mission field into which laborers must venture to sow seeds of truth and win souls for Christ
Poverty, restricted access to transportation and communication, and gender inequity, however, often prevent the development, growth, and operation of life-giving ministries of The Comforter’s Center. These obstacles faced by The Comforter’s centers provide an opportunity to lend a hand and help make great things happen in Uganda
While the mission field created by abortion is immense, each word spoken, each prayer offered, each seed carefully planted is important and will bear fruit for a testament to the boundless grace of Jesus

Together we can save one body of unborn child and the soul of the mother one at a time; we can make a difference in our world at such a time like this.

We pray God's absolute best upon your life during this month of the sanctity of human life

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