Friday, March 11, 2011

Many thanks and blessings to the mission Team lead by sister Talitha Philips to Uganda February 2011, we enjoyed a sweet time of fellowship with you. “Have you ever felt like a friend or someone you met was literally a Godsend in your life”? That was the case when one of the team member met with our client Rose Nanyonga. Like many of our clients, Rose was in a complicated situation but when she met Maria Vargo, were ultimately able to bless each other’s lives, all according to God’s plan. He is a God who restores, provides, and heals! I guess along with that, you may never know what a day may bring. Maria and Talitha spared two days to couch and mentor us in Abstinence Education presentations and techniques in a modern way. Our colleague from Jinja Pregnancy Help Center was also invited to attend the second day.


We are giving out 600 MAMA Kit to pregnant mothers who could not afford the basic necessities during delivery. It is easy to use, to ensure clean and safe delivery. Using it during delivery can help prevent TETANUS, SEPSIS, HIV, EYE INFECTIONS and LOW IMMUNITY. MAMA KIT'S Contains essential materials to use after delivery such as soap, polythene sheet, pads, gloves, baby sheets, and other necessities. Each costs 7000/= Sh or $3.5 and this is how you can help by following this link : or call 0312113635 or e-mail;