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April is Abortion Recovery Awareness Month and Jackie’s testimony;

April is Abortion Recovery Awareness Month. And Jackie’s’ testimony

While the number of women who suffer post-abortion trauma is unknown, the characteristics of women most likely to suffer severe post-abortion problems have been identified. The new life, little one, being created inside her physically, and to whom she is attached at some level emotionally, psychologically and spiritually has been taken from her
Abortion is unnatural and is generally not acknowledged as a death-event, and because abortion grief is not societal recognized and accepted many women feel isolated and alone with their grief and anguish. It can help to talk it through with someone uninvolved, who has special skills in caring and listening, and knowledge of abortion-specific effects and issues.
Contact The Comforter’s Center for more information on how you can get abortion recovery services. +256312113635 or e-mail:ourcomforter@yahoo.com.
Jackie’s testimony;
There are certain things that we do that keeps on haunting us and sometimes we think that nothing can change that situation. Some times we receive clients who have a feeling that what they did was unthinkable and no one can forgive them including God. But by God’s grace, we able to counsel these ladies and make them realize that their situation can be changed as long as they trust in God and believe that there is nothing impossible with God. This is a story of a 24 year old lady who came to our center feeling guilty of her past abortion.

I am called Jackie Onencher and married with one child. One day, I was going to town and on my way I saw a sign post by the name of The Comforter’s Center. On that sign post, there were several activities that they do at the center but what touched me most was Post abortion counseling. The reason why it touched me was two years before I got married, I was involved in a relationship with another man and I became pregnant. I realized that this man did not care about me and I had to abort that baby. After carrying out that abortion, I read an article which says when you have an abortion; you are at a risk of not giving birth or becoming infertile.

So, a year after I got married, I could not see any signs of pregnancy. We tried all means but still I could not become pregnant. I thought that may be the abortion I had made me infertile. When I was still dating this man, I told him about my past relationships including the abortion that I had. So when I failed to become pregnant he also became suspicious. The situation became worse when his relatives started pressuring him that he married a barren woman because they did not believe that you can stay with a man for a year and fail to get pregnant.

Two days after reading the sign post, I made a decision and came to The Comforter’s Center for Post abortion counseling. When I reached at the center, I was welcomed by the counselor who made me develop a feeling that I was really in a right place. Inside my heart, I was feeling ashamed to talk about what I did. I knew abortion was bad and I knew that God will never forgive me because I had already read in that article that abortion is sin and murder of an innocent child. I was really condemning my self for the sin of murder. But when I started this counseling, it really helped me to know that abortion is not the end of everything.

The counselor told me to join the bible study called The Healing Hearts for women who are facing post abortion trauma and I welcomed the idea. Few days after I had started the study, I realized a big change in my life. I came to know that if you confess your sins, God is a kind and forgiving God and he can forgive you which I did. Through prayers also, the counselor made me develop faith that I was going to have children.

Two months after visiting the center, I came back for a pregnancy test. I had not seen my periods and I developed a feeling that I might be pregnant. Guess what! The test was positive. I was very excited and immediately I called my husband and gave him the news. He was also very happy. By that time I had not finished the bible study but I did not give up. I kept on praying to God to protect my baby and my life.

On February 27th 2010, I gave birth to a baby boy whom we named Godwin Layika and I am really proud of him. Actually this came as a surprise to everyone in my husband’s family because anyone who gives birth to a baby boy dies on the spot but mine is alive and very healthy. I give glory to God and I pray that he keeps on protecting my baby.

Finally, I thank The Comforter’s Center for their services because Post Abortion Counseling brought me hope that I had lost and it made me realize that when you trust in God, He is able to do anything that you need in life.

Sister Joy

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