Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Abstinence Education

Each time we visit a school or community to talk about sexual abstinence, we usually learn some new ideas. Sometimes I ask myself what is really happening to our teenagers. In most schools that we visited this month of March, the ideas we got from the teenagers were almost the same. Sexual abstinence is not an easy topic to introduce to some one who has never heard about it. Before we do anything, we usually ask God’s grace to be with us as we share our views with teenagers. Some teenagers take sexual abstinence as a joke and they tend to believe that they are big enough to involve in sexual relations.

In one of the schools we visited, we were surprised to learn of what was happening in that school. You cannot imagine what we found there. We believe that God directed us to that school. This school has a population of almost 2000 students and most of which come from slum areas of Kawempe a Kampala suburb. Prior to our visit in this particular school, they had organized a pregnancy check up for all the girls. There were some girls who were suspected to be pregnant. To their surprise, this came out to be true. After the check up was done, the tests revealed that two girls were pregnant while other three girls had abortions.

As we were still in that school, I managed to talk to one of the girls who had an abortion. This girl told me that she could not believe the fact that she was pregnant. I used to go out with this man but I never thought about pregnancy but the day I missed my periods, I became very nervous. I went for a pregnancy check up and I found out that I was pregnant. I went and talked to my boyfriend and he did not deny it. But still I had a lot of thoughts because my mother was not aware and telling her that I was pregnant it would break her heart. My boyfriend one day told me to meet him at the clinic. He had arranged with the nurse to carry out an abortion. When I arrived at the clinic, she took me into a room and did what she did and minutes later I started bleeding and she told me that I had lost my baby. This was an experience that I will never forget in my life. Actually when they talked to us about abortion, I realized the terrible mistake I made by engaging into sexual practices and I promise not to do it again
Justine Asiimwe


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